Carly Fisher

Clinicial Nutritionist

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Carly! 

And I believe the ability to heal and thrive is a story that we have to write for ourselves, guided by our own biology and internal needs. The world we live in would like you to think otherwise.

My job is to walk with you and cheer you on as you reclaim your right to joy, freedom and vitality as you create a life of nourishment.


 My Story

I live on a bustling homestead with my husband and daughter in Elkton, MD. I believe that food is one of the most powerful tools we have to restore and maintain health. Without adequate food and effective nourishment, we cannot have health. I also believe that our relationship with food should be enjoyable- an opportunity to connect to self and others as well the Earth that gives us life.

Studying Anthropology and International Development as an undergrad, I was exposed to different ways of life and developed a deep appreciation for the many ways that food brings people together. I like the way food can tell a story- whether it be a story of pain, healing, celebration or belonging. As a social worker; I witnessed how lack of access, lifestyle norms and our fast paced, modern world breed chronic illnesses that affect peoples’ ability to live their lives. I became frustrated with the societal gaps that prevent people from addressing the root causes of their health challenges. So, as a brand new mother, I decided to act on a lifelong interest in human biology and  go back to school to obtain an advanced degree in nutrition science and integrative healthcare.




My Training 

Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Healthcare - Maryland University of Integrative Health

Licensed Dietician Nutritionist

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist - CNS

Supervised Nutrition Internship with Clinicians Incubator/ Nutrition Hive

BA at Houghton University - Buffalo, NY

Like most dieticians, I used to think that achieving health was about eating less of the “bad stuff” and eating more of the “good stuff” to managing your weight- but those beliefs led me to a path where food became complicated, contradictory and stressful and I wasn’t able to help people actually move forward in their life. I saw how a focus on rigid rules and weight created a vicious cycle of guilt, shame and disconnection from the body that prevents people from experiencing true health in mind and body. Today I not only apply my clinical training to understand functional imbalances, but I also help people heal their relationship with food and body image so they can begin to respect their body, guided by internal not external cues, viewing food as pleasure and a form of self care.

My Approach

 Carly uses medical nutrition therapy assessments to identify the root causes of your health challenges. She listens to your unique health story and is committed to treating you as an individual – rather than as a disease or set of symptoms. Using food, natural medicines and complementary healing modalities, an integrative nutrition approach leverages the biochemical pathways as well as the environmental and psycho-social factors that determine one’s ability to adapt to stress and to thrive on a daily basis. 

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