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A Personalized Approach

Carly believes that health and nutrition must be personalized to each individual. Within the context of a therapeutic partnership she implements evidenced based solutions that work within the realities of your homelife, schedule, personality and bio-individuality.

Carly Fisher - Maryland Nutritionist

Tired of all the nutrition noise?

Ready to establish a more joyful and stress free relationship with food and your body?

Carly Fisher Nutrition

Life is stressful, food shouldn't be. Meeting clients right where they are, Carly serves as a guide, rather than a rule enforcer, helping clients create their own path forward. Removing shame and guilt from the equation, you'll learn how to honor your body's innate needs as a way of achieving authentic health. Rather than another fad diet or quick fix product, we'll focus on sustainable shifts towards a loving relationship with food and self. You will receive the knowledge and tools you need to create a nourishing lifestyle around whole-body wellness.



Interested in using food and lifestyle to restore, maintain and optimize your health?

Carly Fisher Nutrition

Carly uses medical nutrition therapy assessments to identify the root causes of your health challenges. She listens to your unique health story and is committed to treating you as an individual- rather than as a disease or set of symptoms. Using food, natural medicines and complementary healing modalities, an integrative nutrition approach leverages the biochemical pathways as well as the environmental and psycho-social factors that determine one’s ability to adapt to stress and to thrive on a daily basis.


Conditions TEND can help with

High Blood Pressure 

High Cholesterol/ Cardiovascular Health

Diabetes and Prediabetes

Gerd/ Heartburn

ADHD, Anxiety and Depression 

Fatigue and Adrenal Disfunction

Disordered Eating

IBS and Digestive Challenges

IBD (Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis)

Metabolic and Thyroid Support

Women’s Health:

PCOS, Preconception, Prenatal and Postpartum

Sports Performance and Injuries

& More

About Carly

Hi, I’m Carly. I live on a bustling homestead with my husband and daughter in Elkton, MD. I believe that food is one of the most powerful tools we have to restore and maintain health. Without adequate food and effective nourishment, we cannot have health. I also believe that our relationship with food should be enjoyable- an opportunity to connect to self and others as well the Earth that gives us life.

Studying Anthropology and International Development as an undergrad, I was exposed to different ways of life and developed a deep appreciation for the many ways that food brings people together. I like the way food can tell a story- whether it be a story of pain, healing, celebration or belonging. As a social worker; I witnessed how lack of access, lifestyle norms and our fast paced, modern world breed chronic illnesses that affect peoples’ ability to live their lives. I became frustrated with the societal gaps that prevent people from addressing the root causes of their health challenges. So, as a brand new mother, I decided to act on a lifelong interest in human biology and  go back to school to obtain an advanced degree in nutrition science and integrative healthcare.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health, I am currently accepting clients while working under clinical supervision towards completing my 1,000 clinical hours. In 2023 I will sit for a national board exam in order to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist.

 “Working with Carly has brought me to feeling so much better in so many ways. I cannot be more thrilled to work with her. If I could make her my primary care physician, I would. My needs are met after each consultation with Carly. Each session brings new flexibilities and opportunities for me to continue in a positive, healthy direction. She cares about you. She’s helped me towards many successes and truly has a gift!”

Kathy M.

Carly consistently checks in with me remembering my previous concerns each visit. She asks about any challenges and how it’s been going applying the principles of nutrition we’ve discussed. She is quick to meet me where I am and empathetic, while at the same time she empowers me to make choices that will make a difference in my overall health.

I’ve been having difficulties implementing some of my goals due to an injury. Carly listens and then comes up with strategies to help me approach my challenges. I feel like she is taking my specific needs into consideration when she makes a suggestion. I have the very real sense that she is listening, that is, HEARING me, and then forming a plan.”

– Diane C.

Carly is an accomplished listener and no pushover! If a suggestion is not working, she is able to help me understand how to break the goal down into smaller, more attainable parts. I like how she is direct, but kind. She is very encouraging in her holistic approach. I appreciate that we’re addressing the root causes of my conditions and attempting to treat the actual condition and not masking it with pharmacology. She’s empowered me through my challenges. I’ve made changes that I never thought I would be able to make because of her guidance. I am impressed with Carly’s professionalism and proficiency so early in her career. She is an asset to this profession.
Carrie S.

Carly is creative in finding ways for me to implement positive changes despite my work situation and time constraints. Carly was gracious in the way she humanized my stress eating and “cheats” without any judgement.

Carly looked at my previous and current bloodwork to show me the improvements. This helped me have concrete confidence that I can change these numbers through nutrition.

Carly was attentive to my challenges and gave supporting ideas or helped me brainstorm my own ideas.

Carly believes in and has a passion for her work. She listens well and communicates with care. I felt my needs were met extremely well.”

John E.

Taking the time to hear your unique health story, Carly works to address the underlying causes of your challenges and bring your body back into a place of balance. 

Meeting you right where you are, Carly offers personalized tools and guidance to create sustainable shifts that build momentum towards effective and lasting change over time. In this therapeutic partnership, you are in the driver seat. 

This is your story.

In addition to personalized nutrition counseling, clients benefit from: 

Comprehensive and Functional lab testing:  pin-point what’s holding you back, allowing for the most targeted results. 

Free access to the Better App: an easy way to view your plan and personalized toolkits.

15% discount on the highest quality, professional-grade supplements: online dispensary provided by TEND’s exclusive account with Fullscript

Direct access to a nutritionist between sessions: chat and journal features in Better app

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